3DXM Minimal Surface Gallery


catenoid range 001
helicoid catenoid 001
scherk implicit 1 periodic
Scherk Surface
henneberg patch rot 001
Henneberg Surface
catalan 1 periodic grow 012
Catalan Surface
enneper2 polar
Enneper Surface
riemann morph 001
Riemann's Surface

Punctured Sphere

double2fold enneper 001
Double Enneper
ff wavy k fold enneper 001
Wavy Enneper Surface
planar enneper grow 001
Planar Enneper
catenoid enneper3 grow 010
symmetric 4noid 009
Symmetric 4-noid
skew 4noid toneck 008
Skew 4-noid
saddle tower10 morph 001
Saddle Tower
twist scherk6 morph 004
Twisted Scherk
lopez ros no go 010
Lopez-Ros No-Go Theorem
catenoid chain 1length8 010
Catenoid Chain
inverted boy polar cap 001
Inverted Boy
kusner ds 1p 1

Punctured Torus

chen gackstatter 2 fold 88690
Chen Gackstatter
Costa 011
Costa Surface
catenoid fence2 010
Catenoid Fence
schoen no go 004
Schoen No-Go Theorem
catenoid field 1grow 010
Catenoid Field
JE morph thin 008
Karcher JE Saddle Tower
karcher JDsaddle Morph 001
Karcher JD Saddle tower
scherk with handle
Scherk with Handle
costa hoffman meeks rot 024
Costa-Hoffman-Meeks Surface

Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces

schwarz Hfamily morph 006
Schwarz H Family
schwarz PD family morph 011
Schwarz PD Family
gyroid 2sided3fold-s296x211
Neovius 004
ASchoenS S 001
A Schoen SS Family
A Schoen HT Hexagonal F 001
A Schoen HT Hexagonal Family
aschoen tw hexagonal 001
A Schoen TW Family
fujimori weber basic fa 005
Fujimori Weber

Construction of Minimal Surfaces

Classical Minimal Surfaces in Euclidean Space by Examples, 2001, by Matthias Weber

Construction of Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces, 1996, by Hermann Karcher, Konrad Polthier

Construction of Minimal Surfaces, 1989, H Karcher

About Minimal Surfaces


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