paraboloid 0growrg 001
The animation shows increasing portions of the same surface. This changes the visual appearannce of the paraboloid significantly.
paraboloid 2focal ana 001
Parabolic mirrors are used for their focussing properties. The animation changes roughly from the shape of a satellite antenna to the shape of a mirror of a front car light. — Telescope mirrors are even less curved.
paraboloid 3focal
Parabolic mirror with focussed rays, patch style rendered.
paraboloid 4focal ana
Parabolic mirror with focussed rays, anaglyph.
paraboloid 5grid ana
Anaglyph grid image of a parabolid.

Conic Section Surfaces

  1. Ellipsoid
  2. Paraboloid
  3. Hyperbolic Paraboloid
  4. Hyperboloid of One Sheet
  5. Hyperboloid of Two Sheet

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