Hyperboloid of One Sheet

hyperboloid1 3morph af 001
A family of hyperboloids of one sheet, standard parametrization.
hyperboloid1 4morph str 001
family of hyperboloid of one sheet, longitudes replaced by straight lines on the surface.
hyperboloid1 5wire str  001
wireframe anaglyph, top view
hyperboloid1 6straight emp
Image emphasizes the straight lines, anaglyph.
hyperboloid1 1implicit
Raytraced image with one pair of principle curvature circles.
hyperboloid1 2implicit ana
anaglyph rendering.

Conic Section Surfaces

  1. Ellipsoid
  2. Paraboloid
  3. Hyperbolic Paraboloid
  4. Hyperboloid of One Sheet
  5. Hyperboloid of Two Sheet

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