Hyperbolic Paraboloid

hyperbolic paraboloid0b 001
The hyperbolic paraboloid carries two families of straight lines. One may express this as: the surface is a “doubly ruled” surface. This animation starts with an almost flat example and stretches the z-ccordinate. - Note that each tangent plane intersects the surface in the two straight lines through the point of contact.
hyperbolic paraboloid1 001
A growing piece of the surface emphasizes the two straight line families.
hyperbolic paraboloid2
An anaglyph view of the saddle shaped hyperbolic paraboloid.
hyperbolic paraboloid3c 001
Rotation of the surface around one of its lines, cross-eyed rendering.

Conic Section Surfaces

  1. Ellipsoid
  2. Paraboloid
  3. Hyperbolic Paraboloid
  4. Hyperboloid of One Sheet
  5. Hyperboloid of Two Sheet

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