Mathematical art


Mathematics and the graphic arts have had important relationships and interactions from the earliest of times, for example through a common interest in concepts such as symmetry and perspective that play an important role in both areas. In recent years, the advent of computers has made possible the development of various forms of digital art, that allow artists and mathematicians to cooperate in a highy synergistic fashion. Our goal in this gallery is to show how beautiful mathematical objects can be, and also to present artists who use mathematical ideas as subject matter, inspiration, or both.

Since we can only present here a small sample of the works of each artist, we warmly invite you to visit the personal web sites of these artists to see a fuller and more representative view of their work and their artistic philosophy.

All images displayed here are the property of their creators and are used with their permission. We urge you to respect the copyright of the artists. You may link to images shown here or on the artists' home sites, however if you wish to make copies of these images, please ask for permission from the artists.















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