Drawing and making things is how I have always explored and understood the world around me. I made a living as a sculptor for many years before needing to know more about spatial patterns of movement and how they worked. Buckminster Fuller was my introduction to geometry. My concern for process becomes primary. Ten years of exploring the transformational nature of pattern formation brought me to a realization about spherical origin. Through compression of the sphere, the only form inherently Whole, a circle is generated. Through folding the circle spherical unity is decompressed. Nothing is lost, added or taken away; everything is interconnected in one place. I found no precedent for folding circles comprehensively, so I took that for myself. This process of exploration included going to public, private and home school groups working with teachers and students, at all grade levels, folding circles. I have been folding paper plates for twenty years delighting in discovering ideas and seeing what they look like.


It appears everything we know about pattern in mathematics, the sciences, the arts, in nature, are in the circle and can be revealed through a principled, ordered, and sequential process of folding, reconfiguring and joining multiple circles. The circle appears to be the most direct, comprehensive, hands-on, experiential modeling tool we have and we do not know this because we only fold squares and draw pictures of circles. To cut the circle is to destroy unity, limiting ourselves to the separation of fragmented construction. My intention is to simply demonstrate by revealing some of the enormous amount of in-formation inherent in the circle that we have no idea about.



Dancing Symmetry
Flexible Spiral
Truncated Dodecahedron Column
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