catenoid enneper3 grow 001
Catenoid-Enneper surface plotted with increasing range of the Enneer part. can be fitted together.

Catenoid-Enneper is created by fitting a Catenoid with Enneper Surface.

catenoid enneper5
Catenoid-Enneper with 5-fold symmetry
catenoid enneper8
Catenoid-Enneper with 8-fold symmetry
catenoid enneper12
Catenoid-Enneper with 12-fold symmetry
catenoid enneper20
Catenoid-Enneper with 20-fold symmetry
catenoid enneper40
Catenoid-Enneper with 40-fold symmetry
catenoid enneper st
catenoid enneper st
catenoid enneper sw
catenoid enneper sw

Please see Wavy Enneper

Here an Enneper perturbation with ee tongues (size adjusted with aa)
crumples one rim of a catenoid in the suggested morphing. It is also
interesting to choose aa=0.6, ee=13, or so. The catenoid is aa=0.