Klein Bottle

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                                   Klein Bottle

                               Hermann Karcher

    Parametric Equations 

 x = (aa + cos(v / 2) * sin(u) - sin(v / 2) * sin(2 * u)) * cos(v)
 y = (aa + cos(v / 2) * sin(u) - sin(v / 2) * sin(2 * u)) * sin(v)
 z = sin(v / 2) * sin(u) + cos(v / 2) * sin(2 * u)

See the Mobius Strip first.
The non-orientable surfaces are "one-sided",  
and this concept can best be understood if one starts from a Mobius Strip.

Imagine that we modify a Torus by rotating a figure-eight instead of a 
circle. If we color the two sides of this surface differently then one 
loop of the figure-eight has one color, the other loop the other color. 
(One can make such a surface in the Surface Category, by taking the 
Lemniscate as the meridian curve after choosing "User Defined (Rotation)"
from the Surface menu.  (This is in fact is the default meridian. )

The default Klein Bottle is obtained by one further modification:
Rotate the meridian figure-eight in its plane by 180 degrees as the 
curve is being rotated 360 degrees about the axis of rotation. One can 
see the figure-eight better if in "Set u,v ranges" one sets  vmin = 0.5. 
Use ``Distinguish Sides by Color'' in this cut open view. One can see this 
in a morph with 

 aa= 3, umin=0,  umax=2 * pi, vmin=0,  0.5 < umax < 2 * pi.

The default morph starts from the Mobius Strip  

  -0.4 < u < 0.4,  0 < v < 2 * pi,  aa = 3 

and increases the width of the Mobius Strip until it closes 
to the Klein Bottle at   -  pi <  u  <  pi.

There are in fact three different kinds of Klein Bottles which
cannot be deformed into each other: 
   (i) The present one, where the figure-eight rotates to the left in its plane; 
   (ii) The mirror image of the present one, where the figure-eight rotates 
   (iii) a Klein Bottle with mirror symmetry, glass models show this case.

By connecting the edge of a Moebius Strip we get a Klein Bottle.

This animation shows twisting a Klein-bottle.

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