Dirac Belt Trick

Time to put on your anaglyph (red/green) stereo glasses !

 Dirac Belt (WireFrame)
Here is an anaglyph wireframe animation showing the Dirac Belt...

Dirac Belt Point Cloud
 ...and here is a point cloud point cloud version, also in anaglyph.

Feynman (or Phillipine) Plate Trick
And this animation shows a belt version of the Feynman Plate Trick, using anaglyph wireframe.

Air On The Dirac Strings
This remarkable 1993 animation shows all three classic visualizations of the fact that the fundamental group of SO(3) is cyclic of order two, namely the Dirac Belt Trick, the Phillipine Wine Glass Trick, and Orientation Entanglement. It was designed by George Francis, Louis Kauffman, and Daniel Sandin, and the computer graphics were implemented by Chris Hartman and John Hart.

Supporting files:  Here is a PDF File describing the mathematical background of the Belt Trick and Wine Glass Trick that you can download.