Vertex Truncation

dodecahedron vertex tru 001
dodecahedron vertex truncation

The Dodecahedron vertex truncation passes through one Archimedean solid and ends at the Archimedean Icosidodecahedron.

Dodecahedron Edge Truncation

Dodecahedron 001
dodecahedron edge truncation 37221
dodecahedron edge truncation with dual

Snub Truncation

dodecahedron snub trunc 010
dodecahedron snub truncation

The Dodecahedron snub truncation ends at a fascinating Archimedean solid. Observe that they exist as left-handed and right-handed mirror images.

dodecahedron snub dual
dodecahedron snub truncation with dual

Dodecahedron Construction

Dodecahedron can be constructed by cutting the faces of a cube and extend them in a certain way until all edges are of equal length.

The Platonic Dodecahedron is between the cube and the Rhombic Dodecahedron.

dodecahedron construct 012
Dodecahedron Construction
dodecahedron star
dodecahedron star