In each gallery, there is a About This Category document in PDF at the bottom of the page that explains the mathematic of the exhibits. Also, in each page of a math object, there is a About This Object document in PDF that explains the mathematics of the object as well as how to use 3D-XploreMath to further visualize the object.

For example, in the Plane Curve Gallery, you'll find the file Plane_Curves.pdf, and under the Circle exhibit, and you'll find Circle.pdf.

In the following, we list some general texts related to differential geometry or mathematics visualization.

A Modern Course on Curves and Surfaces, by Richard S. Palais, 2003: curves_surfaces_palais.pdf

Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces, by Matthias Weber, 2006:

The Visualization of Mathematics: Towards a Mathematical Exploratorium, by Richard S. Palais, June/July 1999, Notices of the AMS: VisOfMath.pdf

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