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Supplemental Programs and Files

All surface images and data on the 3D-XploreMath gallery are generated by the program 3D-XplorMath. You can download it at the

JavaView logo JavaView logo

This site uses JavaView for the dynamic viewing of surfaces.

For example, go to this page: _jv_moebius_strip.html to see if it is working. The applet is 730k and may take like 30 seconds to download when used for the first time.

Once you see the surface, you can use the mouse to rotate the curve. To scale the surface, right click on the image and select “scale”.

JavaView is written by Konrad Polthier et al. Its homepage is at:

This site uses the Java applet LiveGraphics3D for live rotation of surfaces. Your browser must support Java for this feature to work. If your browser does not have Java installed, you need to download Java plugin from Sun Microsystems. Java is not easy to install, you may consult a computer friend to get it to work.

To see if your Java is working, go to this page: moebius Strip. Wait for the applet to start up. If you see a mobius strip wireframe and can rotate it with your mouse, than your Java is working.

Live rotation of surfaces need a lot computing power. You need at least year 2001 desktop machine for reasonable rotation. Otherwise you'll have to wait several seconds before the display react to your mouse movement. You also need to wait for the applet to start up.

* To zoom in or out, hold down shift key and move mouse backward or forward.

* To change perspectivity, hold down control key and move the mouse forward or backward.

LiveGraphics3D's home page is at:

This website also has documents in Adobe PDF format. (files names ending in ".pdf" suffix.) You will need "Adobe Reader" to open them. It can be downloaded free at Adobe website:

This website also provides movies in Apple's QuickTime format. (files ending in ".mov" suffix.) You need QuickTime viewers installed on your machine. It can be downloaded at Apple Computer's website at