Figure 8 Knot

figure8 knot rotate 001
figure8 knot rotate
the figure 8 knot and its mirror image are the only "alternating" knots with 4 crossings. overpass- and underpas-crossings alternate for such knots. they cannot be drawn with fewer crossings. During the rotation we have also projections with more than 4 crossings, which are of course not alternating.
figure8 screw4
figure8 screw4
a different view of the figure 8 knot. since the threads are twisting around each other (counter clockwise) in the middle portion, one can see that this knot is different from its mirror image.
figure8 harmonic
this image is of a so called “harmonic knot”, a curve whose coordinate functions are harmonic.
figure8 satellite ana 001
figure8 satellite anaglyph
The curve which winds around the figure 8 knot is called a "satellite knot". Here its is a 61-2-satellite, which means: while it runs along the figure 8 knot 2 times around, it circles the knot curve 61 times. Satellite knots are a simple way to construct more complicated knots from simpler ones.
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